Honeybunch Song

Asmara Terindah – Ungu
Almost every day I bond my ears to this song.
I myself am not sure what’s so special with this song but what I do know is that it reminds me of the moments and people attached to my yesteryear.
Yes. The unforgettable moments.
No. I lied. 
I just have no intention to dismiss them from my mind. 
Not because I can't.
I just don't want to.
I won’t.
I just merely hope that they will stay still on my ongoing timeline.
I'm moving on by times but there's something holding me tightly to the sweet bitter past.
Well, just because you leave the past, doesn't mean you can't visit it.

Speaking of the particular song
Most people, around me, don’t even hear about its title neither the full song.
And I am very sure that there’re some of you, readers are one of them. 
And some lucky one, I guess :P listen to it at the very first time from my ringtone when someone calling.
But hey! I like it for no reason and will never expect you guys would love it too. 

Bait liriknya terlalu puitis hingga diri terpanggil menggali maknanya yang entah apa.
Alunan melodinya begitu serasi menghias puisi yang penuh misteri.
Setiap manusia itu unik dengan tafsiran yang tersendiri.
Terpulang pada diri sendiri mahu mentafsirnya dari sudut pandang mana namun manusia lain bukanlah silap kalau memandang dari sisi yang berbeza daripada kita. Raikan perbezaan untuk mengajak kita berfikir di luar kotak.
Jangan memenjara diri sendiri dengan fakta yang terhidang semata-mata, dari kata yang ramai bersetuju sahaja.
Asal saja ia tidak bercanggah dengan akidah, pendapat itu sentiasa punya tempat untuk diadili.

Dan faktanya, hidup juga punya falsafah. Falsafah hidup.
well, i suka bahasa. really do.