Anak Buah

three days back, abang saya satu family balik kampung, dari KL. 
for about three days. or four?
anak-anak buah saya ( dua orang) sangat nakal.
so mak, (their nenek) says " Buah la... (in loghat kelantan of course)" as they touched every single things in the kitchen and run come and back.
Then, the eldest replied to mak. "Buah epal." 
I was like, what?
He doesn't got it. Obviously.
Hope they'll come back more often.
Don't forget son, you're half here. :P

Anyway, I think I've miss them already.
Miss how they called me for no reason.
"Achik. Achik...Achikkkkk!"
and for simple reason.
"Achik buat apa tu?"
"Achik tengok saya buat ni."

Actually, kids, they're attention seekers.
They really bonded to people who care,
who replied when they asked because they will keep asking the same questions again and again till we answer or they're tired.
they're extremely curious about everything.
they're clever.
they just naughty but nice as they are.
the wonderful of kanak-kanak.
kamon, kita pun pernah budak apa. 

"Ni apa?"
"Buoh ssebeh."
"Nyum... nyum.."
tepuk dahi.